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Exceptional Experience and Expertise— It Makes A Difference


Not only does it stand to reason, it’s backed by data that surgeons with more experience produce better outcomes and patients have fewer complications.

G. Daniel Robison, IV, MD, FACOG, FPMRS, is one of the most experienced, and credentialed, GYN surgeons in the region. He was one of the first physicians in the area to gain board certification in two women’s health specialties: obstetrics and gynecology (FACOG) and Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS), also known as urogynecology.

A Robotics Surgery Expert

Not only does Dr. Robison have a great deal of experience in a range of nonsurgical and surgical treatments, he is one of the area’s foremost experts in robotic surgery. He is approaching 1,000 robotic procedures, compared to most surgeons in the area who have performed less than 75.

“You begin reaping the rewards of your surgeon’s experience once he or she has completed 75 procedures,” explained Dr. Robison. “The data shows there are more complications when a surgeon has fewer than 75 robotic procedures.”

Robotic surgery was a relatively new, state-of-the-art procedure when Dr. Robison began offering it in 2011. “I had performed an extensive amount of laparoscopic surgeries, and robotics was the next step in minimally invasive procedures,” he said. “It is remarkably precise and has so many benefits for my patients— including much smaller incisions, less pain, less bleeding and a much quicker recovery time. I was eager to incorporate it into my practice.”

Not only was Dr. Robison an early adopter, he quickly became a highly accomplished one. His robotic surgery skills were so highly endorsed, he was recruited to teach other physicians how to operate the robot.

In gynecology, robotic surgery began with hysterectomies, and is now widely utilized for many conditions, from complex hysterectomy (due to large fibroid tumors and severe endometriosis) to smaller procedures, like a myomectomy to remove uterine fibroids.

“We also use the robot for pelvic reconstruction surgeries,” said Dr. Robison. “Even with severe prolapse cases, the robotic technique can put the pelvic organs back into place through a much less invasive process.”

Dr. Robison has helped countless women- many who came to him seeking a second opinion. “I saw a woman whose doctor in New York said she needed abdominal surgery that would result in a big midline incision,” he explained. “I was able to use the robot to give her a series of small incisions the width of a pinkie.”

There are cases, of course, when robotic surgery is not warranted. For many simple, straightforward procedures, laparoscopy may be a better, less expensive choice.

However, Dr. Robison is quick to point out that for skilled surgeons, robotics can save money on the overall cost of treatment. The patient is in and out quickly, which saves on hospitalization costs and time for recovery.

Highly Personalized, Professional Care

Beyond his exceptional credentials, Dr. Robison is well known for his warmth and professionalism. His patients appreciate his respectful, personalized approach to GYN issues that are often common, but may still be sensitive.

“Because Advanced GYN Solutions is not part of a bigger medical practice, we are able to offer more personalized care,” he said. “This is very important to us, and our patients have told us it makes a big difference for them.”

For more information or to make an appointment to see Dr. Robison, please call our office at 910.509.0103.