What is Labial Hypertrophy?

Hypertrophy is the enlargement of an organ or tissue resulting from an increase in the size of its cells. This can occur in nearly any organ of the body, including the labia, the outer folds of a woman’s genitals.

Labial hypertrophy is not dangerous, but for some women it can cause pain, discomfort or infections. Enlarged labia can be pulled and twisted, thereby becoming irritated during certain types of activities, such as yoga, riding a bicycle or having sex. The excess tissue may also bulge, creating an aesthetic concern when wearing certain types of clothing, such as swimsuits or leggings.

anatomical illustration of vulva and labia

Treatment Options

The surgery to reduce the size of the labia is called labiaplasty. A relatively simple procedure to reshape and reduce the size of the folds, it can often be done in an outpatient surgical setting in about an hour using a local anesthetic to numb the area. Dr. Robison is a highly regarded expert in labiaplasty, having done hundreds of these surgeries successfully over his years of practice.