Women may experience a weakening or thinning of their vaginal walls, causing them to tear, as well as a weakening of the muscles that support the pelvic organs. Possible causes include aging, loss of estrogen due to menopause, childbirth and previous vaginal surgeries.

At Advanced GYN Solutions, we urge women not to assume that pelvic changes are a normal part of aging and that nothing can be done. Dr. Robison is highly experienced in treating these issues successfully, providing relief from pain and discomfort so that patients may regain their optimal pelvic health.


Diagram of uterus



This surgery to repair the vaginal wall is used for a cystocele (when the bladder has herniated into the vagina) or a rectocele (when the rectum has protruded into the vagina.)


Perineal Surgery (Perineorrhaphy)

A procedure to correct damages and defects of the anus or vagina, perineal surgery can tighten or loosen the perineal muscle, which is located between the pubis and coccyx (the triangular shaped bones at the base of the spine sometimes called the tailbone). Perineorrhaphy is also used to remove unwanted skin, bulges and scar tissue.